Principal's Report

Early Finish Friday 16th September—2.30pm

No Canteen Lunch Orders or Counter Sales on Thursday 15th & Friday 16th September

Principal’s Report

Wow wee, what an amazing success our Walk-A-Thon was last Wednesday, as we blew away our community target of $10,000 with having currently raising $18,495.00! It was a beautiful day with the sun shining, everyone walking and having fun!

We would like to truly thank our parent and carer community for all your support, our students for doing a magnificent job and our staff for supporting the day. A huge thank you to Heath Venn for sponsoring the event (KEEP water bottle and prizes) and Elissa Gale for her supporting in setting up the online donation page and process as well as our terrific behind the scenes staff, Dale Evans and Belinda Gill – amazing work! If you would like to make a last donation, please visit to donate or scan the QR code below before Wednesday 14th September.

Please download the Kids Emergency Education Project (KEEP) App now!

Walkathon group

Donations will close Wednesday 14 September - we will announce and have photos of our prize winners in our next newsletter!

End of Term Finish – 2:30pm

Please remember that next Friday 16th September, we will have an early finish to the end of Term 3 with a 2:30pm finish.

With finishing at 2:30pm, we will have a whole school assembly from 2:15pm – 2:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

If necessary, please ensure that you organise the collection of your child/ren or organise OSH Club enrolment/support on this day.

Week 9 - STEAM Incursions

As part of the STEAM Expo celebrations, each class across the school took part in an Art or Science Incursion this week. Students in the Junior explored different elements of science with the Incursion company Mad About Science, as Senior students also had the opportunity to paint the Japanese themed mural in the Junior playground. We thank Julie Papazisis and Dale Evans for all their organisation this week and for providing our students a fantastic experience that will leave a lasting memory at our school.


STEAM Evening – Tuesday 13 September

A reminder that this coming Tuesday 13th September is our STEAM evening, where we will be hosting a STEAM Expo that celebrates our love of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

There will be a number of displays and exhibits including : Art displays of all the WNPS student learning and artwork from their Visual Art specialist. Interactive and fun activities and exhibits such as art and craft, science experiments and technology, robotics and coding.

The Astronomical Society of Victoria providing their telescopes to view Saturn and Jupiter from 7.00pm. This event is open to the whole community! It will begin at 5.00pm and conclude at 8.00pm. Families are invited to attend at a time that best suits them.

Footy Week – Thank you

A massive thank you to Bill and Nick for all their organisation with our Footy Week! It was great to read the updates and by all reports, all our student loved the opportunity to participate in hosted activities and wear their footy team’s colours on Wednesday.

Longest Kick

Canteen – Closure 15th and 16th September

A reminder to our parent and carers community that our school Canteen will be closed on the last two days of school this term, 15th and 16th September. The canteen will be back in full operation from the beginning of next Term 4.

Parent Opinion Survey

Our school is conducting a Parent Opinion survey to find out what parents/caregivers/guardians think of our school. The Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of families’ perceptions of school climate, student behaviour, and student engagement and also to record the success of the school.

We encourage all families to participate in this survey. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

A random sample of approximately 30 per cent of parents/caregivers/guardians have been selected to participate in this year’s survey. The Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey will be conducted from Monday 15th August to Friday 16th September.

If you receive the link, please complete the survey as we really want to hear our community thoughts on our school and how we can improve it.

Also, if you are having issues with logging on, or submitting information, please ensure that you email the support/help email address, as the school is unable to support parents/carers as it is an external survey provider.

Foundation Enrolments

If you or a family you know have a young one that will start will us in Foundation in 2023, please ensure that you book in a Foundation Tour and complete your child’s enrolment at:

Student Enrolment:

Foundation Tours:

With Foundation enrolments now due, it is vital that you enrol at our school so we can plan for all our students for in 2023.

2023 Enrolment Intentions – Student Exits

We know that some families unfortunately won’t be with us next year, due to moving house etc. If that includes your family, we are sorry to see you leave our community.

Please ensure that you call the school on 9397 7722 or email to let us know. This supports us with our planning for next year. We thank you for your support and understanding.

Disabled Parking Bay in Freyer Street

There is a family that need access to the Disabled Parking Bay in Freyer Street. Please do not park in the bay, to assist the family that needs this access.


The children enjoyed browsing the books and getting excited about reading, which was great to see!

Thank you to all the families who have purchased from this year’s Book Fair - we hope that any new book brings joy and ultimately, a love of reading.

Most of the books have now been delivered to classrooms however, there are a small handful of books that are on back—order and should arrive before the end of the term. The ‘Puppy Dress Up’ book was extremely popular and is being ordered, but they may not have any more in stock. We will find out soon. If we can’t get this book, we will offer a substitute book, or a refund.

If you have any problems regarding your order, or you haven’t received it yet–first ask your child’s teacher, then you can contact me at

Thank you to the parents who volunteered to help pack and distribute books. Happy reading, and thank you once again! Vivien D’Aquino—Book Fair Coordinator

Asthma and Allergies

Asthma and allergies are closely linked. Most people with asthma have allergic asthma.

The most common type of allergy that overlaps with asthma is allergic rhinitis – also known as hay fever.

About 80% of people with asthma also have hay fever. Both create sensitivity in your airways. Asthma creates sensitive lungs, while hay fever is in the nose. Your nose and lungs are connected, so hay fever can trigger your asthma. Treating your hay fever well is one of the best ways to improve your asthma control.

If you have both asthma and hay fever, you will need TWO written plans from your doctor.

If your asthma and allergies are seasonal, it is best to start preventative treatment BEFORE the season starts, to keep your lungs and nose calm from the get–go, rather than trying to reclaim control later.

· Asthma preventers take 2-4 weeks to reach full effect for most people, occasionally up to 12 weeks. Guidelines recommend starting at least 2 weeks before your trigger season if you don’t take them year-round.

· Allergy nasal sprays (steroid sprays) take a few days to reach their full effect. It takes between 3-36 hours for them to kick in after first dose. Get ready for pollen season by starting them before your allergies start.

Have a question about your asthma? We can help. Call 1800 Asthma (1800 278 462) or book a call today

Assemblies for the Last week of Term

Semester Two 2022—(Term 3) Assembly Rotations

Term 3 – 11th July to 16th September

Week 10

Monday 12th September


Week 10

Friday 16th September – End of Term Assembly

Whole School at 2.15pm

Year 3 Camp Reflection

What an Adventure the Year 3’s had whilst away on camp. We were most fortunate to have fine weather during all three days away, which enabled the children to get through all of the exciting activities both onsite and offsite.

Thank you to all of the Year 3 Team, Giorgia, Belinda, Tracy & Declan and parent helpers and to all of the Year 3 children that made this camp a huge success!

Group Photo Year 3 Camp

Year 6 Camp Reflections

The year 6’s went to Camp this year to Phillip Island. The accommodation was quite similar to a hotel and was a lot different to the previous two camps we have been on. The actual places we did stay in were quite good. It was quite a small place for a whole lot of year 6’s. The activities there were great, my personal favourite was the Amazing Things, but there were some other great activities like Chocolate Factory and Kayaking. The school run activities like Disco and Talent Show were also very well run but my favourite part of camp was watching Brisbane V.S Richmond on Thursday night and what a game it was. One of the best finals games ever! By Henry P – 6J.

The activities were fun and diverse and we had enough rest time. The food was ok and we got chocolate from the Chocolate Factory. We played fun ball games near the beach and went kayaking. The Penguin Parade was cold but it was pretty enjoyable. Overall the camp was quite fun! By Thomas S – 6NK

As a Year 6, I went to a Phillip Island camp. The accommodation that I was in, had an on suite and the comfiest beds! The Out Beyond staff, (the people who were running the camp) had the best activities for us. We went kayaking, went to Amaze N Things, the Penguin Parade and so much more! One of my many favourite activities was kayaking. I liked it because we went into the kayak and got to float anywhere we wanted. The kayaks were 2 person kayaks so I went with my best friend Rose, she went at the top and was right behind her. She accidentally splashed me but I didn't care. It was so fun. The food was good too, and after the Penguin Parade, they got us pizza! The desserts were so good. We got chocolate rolls one night and cookies the next! They had also got us snacks! We had granola bars, chips and lots of delicious fruit. The camp was so much fun. By Skye R – 6J

I liked doing kayaking, it was quite fun and it was fun having a play in the water splashing each other. It was nice sharing a cabin with some good mates. The cabins were huge but the only down side was not all rooms had a bathroom. You can have up 4-12 people in a single cabin. It was so much fun seeing the trippy illusions and all the wondrous magic at Amaze-n-Things. By Murphy – 6NK

When I arrived at camp the Out Beyond staff were super welcoming and they made me feel that I had a say with the reflections at the end of every day. I really enjoyed the jobs that the Out Beyond staff had organized when we arrived. It made us all have a responsibility. I also really enjoyed that when we were being well behaved we would get money (fake money) and when we weren’t well behaved we would get fines. The accommodation was really comfortable and clean. My favourite part of the camp was going to Smiths Beach. We explored the rock pools and found sea animals lying underneath rocks. Amaze n’ Things was an interesting activity. I had some experiences that I had never had before including the slanted room and the large maze outside. I loved that at the end of our camp we got to participate in the Out Beyond Olympics which we got money for that went towards the OB shop at the end. On reflection, there were parts of the camp that could have been better, but overall I really enjoyed myself and I am very grateful for what I experienced and the learning and life opportunities that came along with it. By Stella P – 6K

Last week the year six cohort attended the Phillip Island Out Beyond camp. They enjoyed various activities including: Kayaking, Visiting the Chocolate Factory, Visiting Churchill Island, Maze N Things, the Penguin Parade and the Koala Sanctuary. Many teachers and students agreed that the camp gave the students a level of independence and maturity. We are very glad that students represented WNPS values. Throughout the week, students had real life based jobs in their group to ensure that each person got to do something important. For example, the kitchen manager helped prepare food, The CEO ran the group. Groups also earned money for good behaviour and following the rules, but if someone misbehaves a sum of money would be taken away from the group savings. At the end of the week, every group divided their money equally between groups and the Out Beyond staff set up a sweet shop. Students were able to buy small amounts of sweets with the money that they earnt. We would like to thank staff and parent helpers for making this camp possible. By Xavier S & Alessia S – 6P

I thought that camp was pretty good and I would give it a 7/10. I think my favourite activity would probably have to be either the chocolate factory or amaze n things because i thought these activities were fun and you got to interact and see things that are not in everyday life such as rooms that are on angles and games made out of chocolate. The OB Staff there I thought were very kind and fun to be around all day, every day. I also really enjoyed the leadership roles and I personally enjoyed being the Weather person. The breakfast I thought was an average simple breakfast but lunch was not bad but I wish we had something different every day and Dinner was pretty tasty most of the nights. I also really enjoyed the disco and that was probably my favourite thing we did on camp and I also really enjoyed the talent show. I couldn't be happier with the staff and everybody who helped out at camp including teachers and parents. If I could change one thing about the camp I would ask for a bit more free cabin time. Overall I think it was a very nice camp with clean cabins and I really enjoyed myself. By Nicola R– 6K

The long bus ride to Phillip Island was only about 2 hours but it felt like WEEKS! Finally it ended, and when we got off the bus and collected our luggage we were assigned our activity groups and roommates. After everyone set up in their rooms we were called into our groups for some activities! They were great fun and after they finished we all headed to the dining room for dinner. Our first dinner was some delicious Bolognese! After dinner we had a movie, and all of a sudden, Day One was done! On the morning of Day Two my roommates and I got out of bed at 7:00am and all went for breakfast. We were meant to spend the day outside but it was pouring with rain, so we ended up going to a war museum and playing some inside ball games. Soon it was dinner and talent show night part 1, where my friends and I performed and came 2nd! On Day Three, after yet another 7:00am breakfast we went for a super fun walk down to the beach. I completely wrecked my shoes but I didn't care! After the walk we went to a place called Amaze ‘N’ Things and did a giant maze! Along with some mind boggling rooms and tricks! When we came back to base we went straight back out again because we were due to see the Penguin Parade! It was really fun, we got to have pizza for dinner and came back just in time to see the talent show part 2. On Day Four we did so many things! We went to a chocolate factory, we went kayaking, and went to Churchill Island! Since it was the last night of camp we had a giant disco after dinner. On the last day, Day 5, we went to breakfast, did packing and used fake money for a camp lolly shop, we had lunch, and left. By Elliot R – 6GB

Day 1: I come to school with everything I need for the journey ahead. I was talking with my friends until we needed to get ready and line up in our bus lines. It wasn’t long before we got out of the bus, had lunch and got into our cabins. We went over to the nice green oval, and with some light showers, we played some fun games. After some time we had pasta for dinner and had a movie night where we watched MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU. After the movie we went to sleep ready for the next day. Day 2: Woke up, had breakfast and got ready for the day ahead. We made wraps for lunch and went to A maze N things where the illusions were weird, it was raining and I got lost in the maze. After A maze N things we went to a basketball court and played some games and ate lunch there. Some time later we went to the penguin parade. It was cold, really cold, but we saw lots of penguins. After some issues with the bus, we went back, had pizza, had a talent show and went to sleep. Day 3: I woke up and went upstairs for breakfast, I had toast like pretty much every other day. We went to the chocolate factory which was amazing. The games were fun and the chocolate tasted INCREDIBLE! After a long walk back from the chocolate factory, we had kayaking, which was hard at the start, but fun in the end. I enjoyed kayaking a lot, but I did get wet (which was annoying). After kayaking we crossed a bridge and then played some games. After dinner (which was curry) we had a continuation of the talent show. When the talent show finished we went to sleep. Day 4: I woke up, had toast again, and got ready for the day. We went to the koala centre, which was fun as we saw a lot of koalas. The next thing we did was go to Churchill island, where there were a lot of animals (including peacocks!) We had sausages for dinner and had an AMAZING disco, which ruined my ears. Then we went to sleep. DAY 5: I woke up and surprisingly didn’t have toast for once. We packed up our stuff and then had the OB Olympics which were kind of fun. We had sausages again for lunch and then went to the OB shop, which was pretty nice. After the shop I got on the bus and went home. By Samuel K – 6GB


On the evening of Tuesday 13th of September Williamstown North Primary School will be hosting a STEAM Expo that celebrates our love of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

There will be a number of displays and exhibits including;

  • Art displays of all the WNPS student learning and artwork from their Visual Art specialist
  • Interactive and fun activities and exhibits such as art and craft, science experiments and technology, robotics and coding
  • The Astronomical Society of Victoria providing their telescopes to view Saturn and Jupiter from 7pm

This event is open to the whole community! It will begin at 5pm and conclude at 8pm. Families are invited to attend at a time that best suits them. A map of the expo as we as promotional flyer are below.

Over the next two weeks students across the school will also be taking part in Science and Art incursions in their classes. Students in F-2 will be taking part in science incursions with Mad About Science while students in Year 3-6 will be helping to design and paint a school mural in the junior playground next to the sandpit.