Principal's Report

PTS Conferences and SSG meetings – Thank you
We thank our staff, students and parents/carers for a successful F-6 PTS conferences this week. It was great to see conversations in action and the communication of learning progress throughout. We hope both successes and student goals for the future were obtained, as well as what can be done at home to support the learning in class.

Staff Appointments
We congratulate Sallyanne Pepe who was successful in being appointed as acting Business Manager in place of Kylie Moverley, until the end of the year. We welcome Sallyanne to our lovely school. Sallyanne will commence with us at our school from this Monday 25 July.

COVID and Flu Safety Measures
Masks have again been redistributed to all classrooms across our school. We thank Arlene for organising this so quickly, upon masks being strongly encouraged/expected in all indoor settings early this week.

As a school, the health and safety of all students, staff and parents/carers are our priority. Although masks have not been mandated to be worn, we do strongly encourage staff and students aged 8 and above to wear a mask to help support the stop to COVID19 and influenza, until the end of the winter season.

To ensure that we do absolutely everything possible to support our health and safety, please speak with your child/ren about the importance of these COVIDsafe/influenza safe steps, by:

· wearing masks
· washing and sanitizing hands regularly.
· avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
· covering noses and mouths when we cough or sneeze.
· use disinfectant wipes in classrooms to wipe down areas regularly.
· keeping a sensible physical distance, where possibly practically possible
· wear appropriate warm uniform for the temperature on the day (jumper, pants etc).

Air purifiers remain on at all times in classrooms, hallways and office spaces, as well as all classrooms having ample supply of hand sanitiser and wet wipes

We appreciate you support and understanding with this matter.

Robina Scott Visit
As previously mentioned, last week some students in 6J students had the opportunity to visit our local Robina Scott Kindergarten, to read books, spend time and answer any questions they may have about primary school. We thank Bethany for taking our students across and supporting our community. By some of the photos below, it looks like everyone had a great time.

Sports Success
Our Soccer, Cross County and AFL teams all recently were involved in individual competitions.

Cross Country
Bonnie M, Axel S & Cooper D all did an amazing job to run & compete in the Cross Country State level event. They proudly represented themselves & the school to achieve super results overall. (Bonnie finishing 1st in her event!)

Soccer Boys & Mixed Green team
An outstanding effort from the Soccer Boys/Mixed Green team who were able to win all three of their matches in the Divisional event. Fantastic teamwork was shown by all players in the team. The team progressed to the next level which will be the regional finals where we wish them the best of luck!

Footy (AFL) Boys (& Mixed) Green team:
An outstanding effort by the Football (AFL) Boys (& Mixed) Green team. They showed fantastic team play and were able to win all three of their games. The team will progress to the Regional final, best of luck!

Footy (AFL) Girls Green team
A huge congratulations to the Girls Green Football (AFL) team who progressed to the regional finals! Unfortunately, the team was not able to play the Divisional event due to no other teams entering, though were able to win their previous District event with an overall terrific performance by all.

WNPS Provisional Counsellor – Clare Lapworth
For your information, WNPS has a provisional school counsellor and attends our school two days a week to complete her placement. Clare will be with us at this stage and capacity until October. Clare is currently completing a Master of Counselling and specialises in Art Therapy strategies integrated with a positive child lead focus. Clare has many years’ experience working with children with neurodiversity in the local community.
We thank Clare for all her work at our school, working with referred students

Walkathon – Wednesday 19th August 17th – Week 6
We are proud to communicate that the Walk-A-thon will now take place on Wednesday 17th August – Week 6. Please place this date in your calendars.

Very soon, communication will be sent you our school community via Compass with how to raise money. We will also communicate in the near future all necessary details around the walking track/course and other need to know information.

We thank KEEP (Kids Emergency Education Project), for sponsoring our Walk-A-Thon event.

Shade Sail Works
This coming Tuesday 26 July, our Melbourne Road entry and exit community gate will be closed (am and pm) on the day to support our new Shade Sail works. We will further communicate another date this gate and/or area may be closed to support future works, for students, staff and parent/carer safety.

We appreciate you understanding in this area.

Enjoy the rest of the week
Matt Naudi—Acting Principal

Semester Two 2022—(Term 3) Assembly Rotations

Term 3 – 11th July to 16th September

Week 3

Monday 25th July


Week 4

Monday 1st August


Week 5

Monday 8th August


Week 6

Monday 15th August


Week 7

Monday 22nd August


Week 8

Monday 29th August – Year 6 Camp


Week 9

Monday 5th September


Week 10

Friday 16th September – End of Term Assembly

Glowing Hearts Yoga

Creates a calmer, happier, more cooperative classroom! Calm minds, Glowing hearts!