Principal's Report

2023 Parent Payments

Information will be forwarded to all families shortly in regards to next year’s Parent Payments. This documentation will be sent via a Newsfeed and will also arrive via land mail for all families.

We’re delighted to confirm a very minor $10.00 increase on our 2022 charges. The payments are described in several new categories in line with updated guidelines from the Department of Education & Training (DET). A key difference for 2023, will be the removal of the Incursion & Excursion payment. From 2023 onwards, all costs for excursions and incursions will need to be paid at the time of the event on a user pays basis. Historically, the payment was designed to minimise the processing on cash at the office. However, as all events can now be paid easily on Compass, the annual payment is no longer required.

The curriculum contributions section of $260.00 covers all materials provided to each child throughout the year, including their book packs which will be waiting for every student in their classroom on the first day of school next January. A full breakdown of these essential classroom materials is provided on the school website for your reference.

The ‘other’ contributions of $140.00 cover the employment of additional support staff to facilitate a nurse and technician onsite every day.

The final component of the contributions includes a $30.00 charge for playground maintenance. In this instance, this covers the delivery of new playground mulch every year at a cost of approximately $12,000.

In summary, a payment of $430.00 per student, will cover all major costs for next year (excluding excursions, swimming, camps etc).

We look forward to your support with these payments prior to the start of the new school year so that we may continue to ensure an outstanding level of provision and support for every student. If you have any queries in regards to these payments or would like to organise a personalised payment plan, please do not hesitate to make contact with the school’s main office on 93975722.

Aladdin – Tomorrow Evening

We are very excited to be staging our second production of Aladdin the Musical at the Williamstown Town Hall tomorrow evening (Thursday 17th November). Rehearsals have been in full swing over the last week as students prepare for the big night. There will be one final rehearsal during the school day tomorrow at the Town Hall, to ensure the final preparations are in place. Please note that students in these participating classes are not to have a lunch order on Thursday.

A newsfeed was distributed yesterday to confirm the logistics for the evening. We confirm the following arrangements:

Drop Off Procedures:
Lead roles are required at the Town Hall by 5:00pm. All other students performing are required by 6:30pm (to arrive in base costume - if previously advised for your child's class).

The drop off point will be at the Side Door entrance which is on the left of the Town Hall. Several Willy North teachers will be stationed at this point in high visibility vests, to then direct students to where their classroom teachers will be stationed inside the hall. Classroom teachers will then mark off each student upon arrival.

All performers, (EXCEPT for the lead roles) require their hair done and make-up applied (optional) prior to arrival. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED LINK ABOUT HAIR AND MAKE-UP FOR PERFORMERS.
Leads will have hair and make-up done on arrival.

On completion of the performance, please allow 5 – 10 minutes for the students to collect their belongings and make their way to their drop off point with their teacher. Signs will be placed around the Town Hall to guide you to your child's class dismissal point. Students will be marked off on the dismissal roll by their classroom teacher, as they are collected. We will endeavour to make this process as efficient as possible and ask families to be patient as we oversee a safe dismissal. Please send one (1) family member only to the dismissal point to avoid congestion.
Announcements will be made at the end of the performance to clarify these arrangements.

Year 6J & 6P will be collected from the main foyer area (at the bottom of the stairs)

Year 5C, 5H & 6K will be collected from the Supper Room entry doors

Year 3MC, 4R & 4S will be collected from the main Ballroom

For any parents who would like to make some last minute ticket purchases, please feel welcome to follow the link below:

Whole School Transition

The first stage of our whole school transition program got underway last Friday afternoon, with students across all year levels attending an assembly facilitated by the teachers currently teaching at the next year level. These teachers discussed some of the key aspects of the programs at these year levels as well as some of the major activities that students can anticipate at their new year level. Students also had the opportunity to ask questions about their new level and to discuss any matters that they may be unsure about. For many students, there is much excitement and positivity about their future class, whilst other students can be quite anxious and nervous about these future changes. Through the several stages of our transition program over the coming weeks, we aim to ensure that all students are well supported and equipped to confidently begin 2023!

The next stage of this transition process will take place on Tuesday 7th December, where students will participate in a morning of activities designed to orient them to the learning environments ahead next year.

The final stage of the transition program will see all students visiting their new teachers with their new class on Friday 16th December at 10:30am. Stay tuned for further details on these final stages which will be provided closer to the time through the newsletter.

Enjoy the rest of the Week

Jim Cahill—Principal

Loud Shirt & Crazy Hair Day

Willy North Primary School will be having a ‘Loud Shirt & Crazy Hair Day!’

We may even have a parade of who has the craziest hair and loudest shirt! You could even spray hair, but that’s optional.

It is essential to wear a ‘loud shirt’. This event will take place on Friday 2nd December.

Students will need to bring a gold coin donation. The donations will support the NextSense centre.

By Sam C & Patrick B—JSC Representatives.

Health Hub News

White Ribbon Day 2022 is on Friday, 18th November. Prevent Men's Violence against Women

This year’s White Ribbon Day theme is “Let’s Be the Change.”

The focus is to create meaningful change through conversations and education in communities right across Australia.

We invite all Australians to come together in their workplaces, schools, and communities to participate in White Ribbon Day.

With the amazing support of community members like you, we can host events in every State and Territory in our collective ambition to end all forms of men’s violence and abuse against women.

“Let’s Be the Change” by being part of the solution.

You can help be the change by:

Learning about topics like respectful relationships, stopping violence, and calling other men in through our Barbershop resources.

· Connecting and talking about these ideas with your friends, family, and colleagues to encourage change.

· Hosting an event or activity that brings attention to the issue. Use our White Ribbon Australia resources to learn what immediate steps you can take to be part of the solution that ends gendered violence. We have designed this Host Kit to help you get started.

· Supporting everyone, including yourself, to practice being caring, vulnerable, and emotionally expressive.

To find out more about how you can get involved, visit our White Ribbon Day website.