Principals Report

Welcome Back!
We welcome back all our students, parents and carers back to Term 3. Can you believe that we are already halfway through the year? We hope that you have all had an amazing first few days back at school. It has been a very smooth start to Term 3, with students quickly settling into a positive and productive learning environment.

A huge thanks to our teachers and staff for being organised, prepared and commencing student learning, day one, session one - ensuring no learning time is wasted.

A special acknowledgement to our 2022 Foundation students and their families on completing their first semester into their primary school journey. We would like to thank all parents/carers ands staff for their efforts in building positive relationships and in supporting our students.

Another special acknowledgement to our Year 6 students, who have one Semester left with us at WNPS, before commencing Secondary School. We encourage all our Year 6 students to do their very best in their last semester at WNPS, as we support and get them ready for their Secondary School experience.

Please stay warm and remember to come and say hello if you see me in the yard.

PTS Conference Reminder (Face-to-Face)
Monday 18th July–Year 3 to Year 6 PTS Conferences (except Year 4S & Year 6K) will take place in person from 1.00pm through to 7.24pm.

Wednesday 20th July—Foundation to Year 2 PTS Conferences (except Foundation B) will take place in person from 1.00pm through to 7.24pm.

Please log into your Compass account and book a PTS Conference.

Please see the flyer attached to the Newsletter for all of the details. If you can’t access your Compass account, please contact the General office for assistance.

2023 Foundation Enrolments
If you have a young one in your family that is due to commence their school journey with us in 2023, we ask that you please call or visit our office to arrange a time to meet and obtain enrolment forms, as soon as possible. Or you can visit the website to download the documentation.

We are at a time in the year where we are set to commence workforce planning for 2023. With an accurate enrolment forecast, we will be able to best plan for the year ahead to support all our students and staff.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Student Support Group (SSG) Meetings
This week, our staff will be receiving professional learning regarding the process and creation of IEPs and SSG meetings.

For all our families that require SSG meetings, you will have received an email asking to arrange a suitable time for the meeting. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Foundation – Year 3 - SSG Meetings – Week 3 - Monday 25th July to Wednesday 27th July

Year 4 – Year 6 - SSG Meetings – Week 4 - Monday 1st August to Wednesday 3rd August.

Walk-A-Thon (Date to be Confirmed Shortly)
This Term our school will have our Walk-A-Thon, where we will raise funds for new football/soccer goals, new basketball backboards and some new line marking in the Junior area. We are in the process of finalising details and will communicate these to our whole community this week with the initial details. We thank KEEP for sponsoring our event.

Williamstown North Community Business Support
We understand how hard small businesses have been hit due to the ongoing pandemic and want to support local businesses within our community in their recovery.

To help our community’s awareness of the small businesses connected to our school, we are offering free space on our website for promotion.

If you own a small business or know of one that you would like to help support, please send through the below details to

¨ Business Name

¨ Photo and/or Logo

¨ Blurb about the business

¨ Social Media Handles and/or Website URL

We are looking forward to learning more about the businesses in our community and supporting them in their recovery. Watch this space

Robina and Scott Visit
This week some students in Year 6J students had the opportunity to visit our local Robina Scott Kindergarten, to read books, spend time and answer any questions they may have about primary school. We look forward to including photos of their visit in next week’s Newsletter. We look forward to providing further opportunities for our students to be part of our wider community to demonstrate our school Values.

Staff Absences
A reminder that all schools in Victoria and across the whole of Australia, are experiencing a chronic teacher shortages at the moment. We continue to do our best to ensure the continuity of the learning program for our students when a staff member is absent and we will continue utilising Casual Replacement Teachers (CRT's) when, and if we can secure a CRT to ensure learning is maintained. Class splits within year levels will occur when CRT’s are not available.
We thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding with this matter.

Pandemic Order Change
As previously communicate via Compass, following advice from the Acting Chief Health Officer, the Victorian Government recently announced changes to the pandemic orders.
As part of the changes, from 11.59pm Friday 24 June 2022, parents and carers who have COVID-19 can transport their non-COVID-19 children via private vehicle to school when an alternative person is not available to assist.

This means that parents and carers will be able to leave COVID self-isolation to take their non-COVID-19 child to school or school holiday programs via a private vehicle. The parent or carer must travel directly to and from the school only. They must remain in the vehicle at all times, unless it is reasonably necessary to leave the vehicle to walk the child to and from the entrance of the school safely. They must wear a face mask at all times.

Family members are asked to please continue reporting positive COVID-19 cases to both the Department of Health and our own testing portal.

All parents who have a child as a close contact and want to attend school, should still take 5 RATs over 7 days and wear a face mask whilst indoors.

Face masks are recommended within school settings but are not compulsory. We will have face masks available at the school should a student or staff member require one.

We will also notify staff and our school community through a daily email (where applicable) when a student or staff member has (or multiple) have returned a positive COVID-19 test result and had attended the school during their infectious period. Students should continue to stay home if they are unwell, even if they test negative on a RAT.

Enjoy the rest of the week

Matt Naudi—Acting Principal

Semester Two 2022—(Term 3) Assembly Rotations

Term 3 – 11th July to 16th September

Week 2

Monday 18th July


Week 3

Monday 25th July


Week 4

Monday 1st August


Week 5

Monday 8th August


Week 6

Monday 15th August


Week 7

Monday 22nd August


Week 8

Monday 29th August – Year 6 Camp


Week 9

Monday 5th September


Week 10

Friday 16th September – End of Term Assembly

PTS Conferences Mid Year



No PTS Conferences for Foundation B, Year 4S and Year 6K

Foundation to Year 6 - Week 2, Term 3,

Foundation to Year 2 – Wednesday 20th July 1.00pm to 7.24pm

& Year 3 to 6 – Monday 18th July 1.00pm to 7.24pm

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Parent/Teacher/Student (PTS) conferences will be held for all Foundation to Year 2 classes on Wednesday 20th July and Years 3 to 6 classes on Monday 18th July.

We now invite all parents/guardians to book a PTS Conference with your child’s classroom teacher. The conferences will be 12 minutes duration and scheduled between 1.00pm and 7.24pm, with a teacher break from 5.00pm and 5.36pm.

The focus of the conference will be to provide you with a clear picture of your child’s progress in Semester 1. This will include shared commentary on work habits, progress, learning goals and connectedness.

Using Compass you can book your Parent/Teacher/Student Conference online from 9.30am on Monday 14th July, once the Newsfeed has been sent.

1. Parents will have a notification on their Compass dashboard advising them that they have a conference cycle open to make bookings for their child/ren.

2. Parents can click the notification to proceed to make a booking. Parent can either click 'Start Booking Now' or 'Show Me How to Book' to proceed'.

Please remember, that once a time has been booked, the options for parents are reduced. Be prompt to select your time. If all conference times are booked, please contact your child’s teacher to make an alternative time.

If your appointment is during the school day, details of where the child/ren are located, will be advised in a Newsfeed. You can then proceed to their classroom to meet with their teacher. We will seek parent support to wear a mask for their conference.

If your child has a scheduled SSG (School Support Group) meeting with Giorgia Moss, please note that you do not need to book an additional PTS Conference time. SSG meetings including your child’s PTS Conference will take place in Week 3 & 4.

For classes that have two teachers, please select the following teacher when making an appointment: -

Year 6NK – Sarah Nobbs Year 6GB – Cathy Graham Year 5BP – Katherine (Kitty) Black

Year 3DV – Wendy Drayton Year 2HB – Lisa Hibbert

Year 1SF – Crissy Samaras Year 1FH – Rachel Farfaglia

The P/T/S Conference days are as follows:

Monday 18th July
1.00pm to 5.00pm

5.00pm to 5.36pm (Staff Break)

5.36pm to 7.24pm

Wednesday 20th July
1.00pm to 5.00pm

5.00pm to 5.36pm (Staff Break)

5.36pm to 7.24pm


Matt Naudi – Acting Principal & Wendy Emin - Assistant Principal

Glowing Hearts Yoga

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