Physical Education

Welcome to PE 2018

During this term all Foundation to Year Two classes will be focussing on Fundamental Motor Skills and Skipping. Foundation to Year Two will continue developing their Fundamental Motor Skills in Soccer Kicking and Ball Bounce. The Year One and Year Two’s will learn about football kicking and forehand strike. The Year Three and Four’s will be focussing on Sofcrosse and minor games. They will learn the basic skills and play minor games. The Year Five and Sixes will be learning about European Handball and minor games. Also during the term, all students will participate in a unit on Skipping, where they will use their own rope and the long rope to learn or try different skills.


The Year Six students embark on their Interschool competition this term. We will be playing the local Williamstown, Newport and Altona schools in the following sports; Netball, Football, Soccer and Softball.  We have also added Badminton as we have such a large cohort in Year 6. The students have been training at school, learning the rules and skills necessary for each of the sports. These matches will be played on Friday mornings, beginning on the 11th May.


After a successful trial, twenty-four students have been selected to represent the school for the District Cross Country event. This will be held on Tuesday 8th May. The students have been preparing and there are scheduled training sessions after school on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to aid their preparation. We wish the students all the best in this event.


I hope that everyone has a great Term Two and please let me know if your child achieves a great result in their sports outside of school as we enjoy hearing about our student’s achievements.


Ms Sarah Nobbs

Physical Education Teacher