Physical Education

Welcome to PE 2017

During this term classes will be focussing on Dance and Gymnastics. The Dance component from Foundation – Year 4 will focus on learning the moves of some dances, whilst the Year 5/6’s will create their own dances in small groups. The Gymnastics components will see students participate in a range of activities to work on jumps, lands and balancing. The Foundation children will also undertake a unit on Ball Bounce, where they learn to bounce a ball properly.  The Year 1/2’s will undertake a unit on Forehand Strike, this is just like Tennis hitting. The Year 3/4’s will undertake a unit on Netball and learn different aspects, like shooting while the 5/6’s will participate in Sofcrosse.


District Athletics day will be held on Tuesday September 5th. Students will be training during the term to prepare them for this event.


The Year five and six students embark on their Tabloid Rotations program this term. The House Captains will learn how to plan and run activities each Friday.


Hoop Time will be occurring for the Year Three to Sixes. If successful, they will continue through to the Regional Carnival.


I hope that everyone has a great Term three.  Please let me know if your child achieves a great result in their sports outside of school as we enjoy hearing about our students achievements.



Ms Sarah Nobbs

Physical Education Teacher