Physical Education

Welcome to PE 2018

During this term Foundation to Year Two classes will be focussing on Fundamental Motor Skills. The Fundamental Motor Skills the Foundation students’ will focus on throwing and catching. The Year One and Year Two students will be focussing on soccer kicking and ball bounce. Fundamental Motor Skills is an important part of the Physical Education program as it exposes students to different skills that can be utilised in a range of other sporting activities.

The Year Three and Year Four students will be focussing on Cricket and Discus this term. The Year Five and Year Six students will be focussing on Basketball and Discus. The Discus competition will be competed at school prior to the Athletics Day during Term 1.  This has been scheduled for Monday 26th March for the Year 3 & 4 students and Wednesday 28th March for the Year 5 & 6 students.


Sixteen of the Year Six students will be elected as House Captain representatives for the year. During Term One, they will have the responsibility of leading their teams in the Interschool Sport competition. I will also be meeting with the House Captains each week for an hour to discuss how to run activities, organise the Tabloid Sports and Athletics Carnivals.


Early this term, a group of WNPS students will represent the school at the District Swimming carnival. If students are successful at the District level, they will then swim at the Divisional carnival. The date for the District Swimming is Thursday 1st March. Good luck to all students competing.


I will be conducting the School’s Cross Country trials during this term, in preparation for the District Cross Country event in Term 2 (Tuesday 8th May). The trials will be held after school on Tuesday 20th March. More information will be shared with regards to times and venue.



Ms Sarah Nobbs

Physical Education Teacher