Sister School - Shin Ishikawa visit




LOTE – Japanese 日本語


We offer an exciting Japanese program, which starts in Foundation and continues through to Year 6. Our aim is to develop both language and cultural awareness.


In Foundation to Year 2, students enjoy learning the language through songs and games, and also start to learn to recognise Hiragana writing script.


In Years 3 to Year 6, students tackle reading and writing of Hiragana with the aim of becoming “Hiragana Black Belts” by the end of Year 6. Language games and activities are used to introduce and reinforce the students’ Japanese language acquisition.


Students have the opportunity to correspond with their peers in our sister school in Yokohama, Japan.


Our annual Japanese Day is a vibrant celebration of Japanese culture, involving the whole school.




Helen Atkins, Foundation to Year 6                                        


Anita Goldsworthy, Foundation and Year 1


To find out more about what your child is doing in their Japanese class, check out Helen sensei’s blog, THIS IS HOW WE LEARN JAPANESE, including:

  • An overview of each semester for each year level
  • Links to videos and songs we use in class
  • Photos
  • Information on Japanese culture