Class Rep Program


Williamstown North Primary School prides itself on constantly striving to provide our students with a learning experience that is of a high standard.


Established in 2013, the WNPS Class Representative Program is a network of parents and carers, called Class Representatives that enhance communication and engagement between teachers and parents/carers.


The Class Representatives Program has three important components:


* Supporting Education: The Program gives parents/carers the information and tools they need to enhance learning in the home environment, by supporting and building on what the children are learning at school,

* Social Interaction: The Program fosters relationships between parents/carers, which is great for new parents/carers to the school, parents/carers who may feel socially isolated, and those who enjoy spending time with other parents,

* Supporting Teachers: The Program provides a resource to teachers to help them deal efficiently with the questions parents/carers have regarding classroom activities, and provide additional resources and support when required.


The Program provides parents/carers with a fortnightly e-newsletter providing an overview of each child’s classroom literacy, numeracy and inquiry activities, as well as details of social outings and get-togethers.




Class Representatives: who are responsible for liaising with the classroom teacher and preparing and sending the fortnightly eNewsletter and providing resource support to the teacher.


Social Representatives: who will work together with other Social Reps in their year level and be responsible for organising and delivering whole of year level social activities throughout the year.


Class Representative Coordinators manage the Class Representative Program which includes:

  • Coordinating the process of recruiting Class & Social Representatives at the beginning of the year,
  • Coordinating and supporting Class & Social Representatives throughout the year.


How to become a Class or Social Representative:

At the beginning of year, expressions of interest in the roles will be called for through the school newsletter. Two parents/carers will be selected by the school’s leadership team for each class. An information session and support manual will be provided to each Class Representative.


Required skills of a Class or Social representative:

The role is accessible and manageable for parents who are in paid work or ‘at home’ parents. The following skills are highly valued:

  • Sound knowledge of Microsoft Word
  • Sound organisational skills
  • Flexible, friendly and reliable approach
  • Enjoy organising events and activities (Social team member)
  • Respect for the privacy of parents, and to ensure that the confidentiality of teachers,              students and parents is maintained at all times.

Role overview – Class Representative:

  • Maintaining and distributing a parent contact list for your class,
  • Welcoming new families to the class and encouraging their participation in the Class Rep     Program,
  • Facilitating regular communication between the classroom teacher and parents via a fortnightly class ‘e-newsletter’,
  • Where requested by teachers, organising parent helpers for class activities and programs as required (ie swimming, reading, sports events, excursions),
  • Being a ‘support resource’ for the teacher by communicating the need for classroom resources (i.e. craft items) in the newsletter,
  • Encouraging parent involvement in classroom and whole school activities,
  • Supporting and fostering a strong sense of the School as a community.

Role overview – Social Representative:

  • Working with the other social team members in your nominated year level to plan and deliver social events for the parents across the whole of the year level. Events may include family picnics or parent dinners, movie nights etc.
  • As a social organiser, you are also most welcome to organise extra individual social activities just for your class (this is entirely up to you!)
  • Ensuring the Class Representatives in your year level are kept informed of the social activities being planned and providing information to the Reps to inform parents and encourage their involvement in activities,
  • Supporting and fostering a strong sense of the School as a community.


All parents are provide with an ‘opt in’ form for the Class Representatives Program in their Welcome Pack as they enrol at the school. When you ‘opt in’ to the Program, you are opting in for the life of your child/ren’s schooling at Williamstown North Primary School.


To ‘opt in’ to the Program, please download the attached form and return to the WNPS office or email the form to (PDF HERE)


How to ‘Opt out’ of the Class Representatives Program

You may ‘opt out’ of the Program at any time, by emailing your Class Representative or the Class Representative Coordinators at


Class Representatives for 2017

Please find below a list of the Class Representatives for 2017:


Prep W

Class Rep 1: Bianca Quarrell

Class Rep 2: Christine Farrugia

Social Rep: Rachel Middleton


Prep A

Class Rep: Stacy Szalay

Social Rep: Emilia Robinson


Prep M

Class Rep: Lana Hutton

Social Rep: Anita McKinstry


Prep P

Class Rep 1: Kelly Kenna

Class Rep 2: Shay Bloxham

Social Rep 1: Amy Smith

Social Rep 2: Rebecca Campbell


Prep K

Class Rep 1: Mel Fisher

Class Rep 2: Vicki Pallikaros

Social Rep: Emma Peek


Year 1B

Class Rep: Vicki Hawkes

Social Rep: Jacqui Hughes


Year 1H

Class Rep: Natalie Smith

Social Rep: Natalie Dean


Year 1W

Class Rep: Kari Righton

Social Rep: Kerstin Harms


Year 1L

Class Rep: Aline Fortin

Social Rep: Felicity Hanrahan


Year 1D

Class Rep 1: Dijana Mikkelsen

Class Rep 2: Nova Ward

Social Rep: Simon Yarwood


Year 1S

Class Rep 1: Prue Florentine

Class Rep 2: Ana Bowers

Social Rep: Chelsea Burchall


Year 2B

Class Rep: Stacy Szalay

Social Rep 1: Mardi Tress

Social Rep 2: Wendy Haskett


Year 2S

Class Rep: Natalie Hammond

Social Rep 1: Catherine Bolch

Social Rep 2: Anne Pastor


Year 2T

Class Rep: Toni Burton

Social Rep: Leanne Chapple


Year 2M

Class Rep: Claire Mayers

Social Rep: Ally Treeby


Year 2L

Class Rep: Samantha Lea

Social Rep: Natasha Alatan


Year 3I

Class Rep: Dianne DiBlasi

Social Rep: Mel Fisher


Year 3G

Class Rep 1: Natalie Dean

Class Rep 2: Shay Bloxham

Social Rep: Fiona Haddrell


Year 3P

Class Rep: Sara Eltham

Social Rep: Deb Burns


Year 3M

Class Rep: Michelle Lee

Social Rep: Brooke Love


Year 4L

Class Rep: Sheena Hickman

Social Rep: Sally Lalande


Year 4B

Class Rep: Julie Noonan

Social Rep: Michelle Boyall


Year 4P

Class Rep 1: Caroline Geddes

Class Rep 2: Melissa Eastwood

Social Rep: Position vacant


Year 4V

Class Rep: Kye Taylor

Social Rep: Kye Taylor


Year 5U

Class Rep: Megan Medved

Social Rep: Toni Burton


Year 5G

Class Rep: Jodie Whitehurst

Social Rep: Rachel McIntosh


Year 5R

Class Rep: Grace Donnelly

Social Rep: Rebecca Rowley


Year 5K

Class Rep: Michelle Boyall

Social Rep: Leanne Papadopoulos


Year 6H

Class Rep: Catherine Brennan

Social Rep: Position vacant


Year 6R

Class Rep: Fiona Haddrell

Social Rep: Helen Dixon


Year 6M

Class Rep: Rebecca Sciberras

Social Rep: Julie Noonan


Year 6E

Class Rep 1: Renae Cadman

Class Rep 2: Leisha Campbell

Social Rep: Renae Cadman