Term One

Welcome to Foundation from all of the 2019 Foundation teachers at  Williamstown North Primary School! In 2019, the Foundation Professional Learning Team (PLT) consists of the following teachers, Kaitlyn Hayes, Bronwyn Murray, Julie Papazisis and Zach Schmidt.


Term One is extremely exciting and busy with all children settling in and learning the school routine, classroom processes and procedures. These are implemented daily and will be displayed in the classroom for the children to refer to throughout the year. The children will be introduced to our school Values, school expectations and our school Purpose Statement.


In Reading, children will be learning to identify letters, words and sentences in print. They will be asked to make predictions about stories based on their prior knowledge. Students will be introduced to the reading strategies such as; looking at the picture for clues, looking at the initial sound, looking at the sounds in words, and looking for chunks. Children will be given four Take Home books to practise the strategies that they have been learning at school each week. They are to bring these books to and from school in their Reading Satchel every day.  We encourage every child to read with mum, dad or a relative for ten minutes every night.  This is in accordance with our ‘School Homework Policy’.


In Writing, children will learn what ‘good writers’ do; i.e. writing from left to right, top to bottom of the page and leaving finger spaces between words. They will also practise good posture and how to hold their pencil correctly. Through modelled writing, the children will learn how to form both lower case and upper case letters using the correct entry and exit points. As the children become more familiar with letters and the different sounds they make, they will begin to use this knowledge to support them in recording their own ideas. The children will also learn how to spell common high frequency words.


In Numeracy, children will be learning to count accurately using one-to-one correspondence and to recognise and record numbers. They will participate in a variety of engaging open-ended activities and learn to use a variety of strategies to solve problems, such as using concrete materials and drawing pictures to assist them. They will be expected to explain their thinking and record their findings.


Our Shared Inquiry this term is ‘All About Me’. We will be learning about each other and how we can all get along positively. The children will be involved in activities where they will be given the opportunity to cooperate in pairs and groups. All of our Foundation classes will interact together on many occasions throughout the term.


Foundation children will be participating in the ‘Cool, Calm Kids’ program, where they will learn to identify what a ‘Mean Mate’ is and think about how we can be ‘Great Mates.’ The children will learn how to resolve playground conflict and remain a ‘Cool, Calm Kid’ by managing their body language and using simple, but effective word choices.


The Foundation curriculum also includes the Buddy program, which will begin in Term One.  This program runs weekly.  The Buddy program involves the children being ‘buddied’ with a Year 6 student, where they engage in a variety of activities together.   The children met their Buddy during our transition to school program at the end of 2018.


If you have any queries throughout the term, please contact your child’s teacher.  The easiest way to do this is by email. We will endeavour to reply as soon as possible and either arrange a time to meet, or have a conversation at everyone’s earliest convenience.  Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved!

From the 2019 Foundation Team

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