Term Four
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In Reading, students will continue to be exposed to a variety of texts. Students will focus on developing their comprehension skills and ability to read aloud with fluency and expression.

In Writing, students will continue to consolidate their craft as writers. They will continue to investigate the structure and features of narratives and information reports, and will be exposed to new genres such as persuasive and transactional texts. Students will be exposed to techniques that will provide them with opportunities to become proficient editors when rereading their writing.

Students will continue to focus on developing their handwriting skills, and ability to use dotted-third lines. The correct use of punctuation will be a key focus area in our language conventions program. Recognising and spelling the high frequency words will also be a continued focus this term.

In Numeracy, students will further their knowledge of place value and number sense, drawing direct links to the operation of subtraction. Key understandings and strategies will be discovered by students through open ended problems and using problem solving strategies efficiently. Furthermore, Numeracy concepts linked to volume, mass, money, 3D shape and chance and probability will be explored this term.

In Shared Inquiry, students will be exposed to key inquiry skills such as problem solving, questioning, reasoning, explaining and justifying through open-ended tasks. Using teamwork and collaboration, students will be faced with different design and technology-based problems to successfully complete the tasks. Demonstrating the school Values of Responsibility, Resilience, Respect and Doing Your Best will be critical in being successful learners over the term. This unit will really encourage creativity and problem solving.

Students will continue meeting with their Year 6 Buddies on a fortnightly basis, completing a variety of activities that allows them to practise their teamwork skills.

During Term 4, students will be involved in a ‘Spooky Prep Pizza Party’ where they will participate in a Halloween themed prep disco and a range of fun party games. Keep your eye out for more information about this over the coming weeks!

The Foundation students will be also participating in the swimming program for two weeks towards the end of this term and a whole school Transition program that will support their transition into Year One.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Foundation students and staff throughout the year. Your assistance and support has been appreciated so much throughout the year!

Foundation Team

Bronwyn, Julie, Kaitlyn, Tess and Zach


Foundation B - Tess Bullock
Foundation H - Kaitlyn Hayes 
Foundation M - Bronwyn Murray
Foundation P - Julie Papazisis
Foundation S - Zach Schmidt