Welcome To Term Three


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Who can believe that we are already half way through the year! It is so exciting to watch our Foundation children continue to grow and develop as learners!


In Reading, the children will continue to be encouraged to read both fiction and non-fiction texts for enjoyment. They will further develop their ability to read with both fluency and expression through developing their understanding of punctuation. This term we will also continue to focus on developing the children’s vocabulary. They will be encouraged to stop when they don’t know the meaning of a word and seek clarification. We will also be asking the children to retell what they have read and talk about what is happening in the text, as this is a very important comprehension skill to develop.


In Writing, the children will continue to be supported in becoming ‘brave writers’. We will continue to provide them with the tools they need in order to write in greater length and detail.  They will be taught ways in which they can further engage their reader.


During the term the children will have the opportunity to write simple reports and create their own information texts. They will continue to develop their ability to write narratives and will enjoy writing their own versions of traditional fairy tales.


The children will receive their weekly spelling words and will be encouraged to further develop their handwriting skills with the support of dotted thirds paper.


In Week 6, Thursday 24th August, the children will be involved in our annual ‘Reading and Writing Together is Magic’ evening where they will have the opportunity to share the poems they have written in class, with their family and friends.


In Numeracy, students will be continuing to learn how to subtract amounts and find the difference between two numbers. The children will be solving a range of questions, both ‘open’ and ‘closed’. During the term, we will be investigating probability and the chance that things will happen. We will also be looking at measuring weight and capacity. The children will be given the opportunity to discuss their investigations and what they have learnt.


Our Inquiry focus this term is around growing and changing. We will be looking at what foods we can eat to help keep us healthy and strong, as well as learning about the human body. We will also be learning about how living things, like people, animals and plants, grow and change and what all living things need to thrive, such as food, water and shelter. We will also be going to a farm to see how animals grow, change and be healthy!


As you can see, Term 3 is action packed with lots of great experiences for your children. As always, we appreciate your help and support and look forward to sharing your child’s learning with you.


Thank you,

The Foundation Team


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