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Welcome to Term 3 2017!

Welcome back, we hope that everyone had an enjoyable and restful break!


This term in Reading, we will be focusing on the comprehension strategies Visualising, Questioning and Text Structures and Features. We are beginning the term with Visualising which is an important comprehension strategy. Students will be asked to visualise (or imagine) a range of events, characters and settings from books and poems. They will be encouraged to use adjectives while sharing their visualisations. Later in the term, we will be concentrating on building students’ ability to ask and answer literal and inferential questions to assist students to further comprehend their texts. Finally, we will focus on the text structures and features of non-fictions texts.

Students will continue to be supported to develop fluency, correct phasing and expression in preparation for Reading and Writing Together is Magic.


This term, students will be very busy producing a range of poetry, information reports and narratives. Students will explore, write and publish a range of poetry to present during Reading and Writing Together is Magic. Students will investigate the text structures of an information report, as well as understanding the difference between a fact and an opinion. We will revisit narratives, with a particular focus on punctuation, spelling, editing and expanding on their ideas. Throughout the term, there will be an ongoing emphasis on spelling patterns and blends, verbs, adjectives and editing and revising writing.



This term the Numeracy concepts we will be covering are multiplication, addition, time, capacity, length, location and area. Our Numeracy sessions will continue to include explicit instruction and modelling, along with the opportunity for students to practise and demonstrate new skills and share/reflect with their classmates. Students will receive support through a range of open-ended activities. Teachers will plan challenging yet achievable tasks to meet the varying needs of all students. Numeracy Fluid Groups will continue this term to further meet the individual needs of students in the area of Number.



During our Shared Inquiry we will explore the topic ‘Where do I Hangout?’ which will focus on building students’ geography understanding. This will be a large unit that runs for the duration of the term. Students will identify different habitats and environments around the world and collect data about a variety of weather features and the changing seasons. We will investigate reasons why we place meaning on some landmarks and how we look after the environment. There will be a large focus on Australian habitats, Australian animals and the importance of conservation. We look forward to our excursion to Werribee Zoo at the beginning of the term.


If you have any questions or concerns throughout the term, please contact your child’s teacher and remember to check your emails to continue to stay updated through our eNews program.


Kind Regards,

The Year One Team


Kaitlyn Hayes (1H) Team Leader

Tess Bullock (1B)

Danielle Buttigieg (1D)

Wendy Drayton (1W)

Ashlie Gauld (1W)

Lisa Hibbert (1L)

Mary-Ann Skidmore (1S)