Year 1

Term Four - 2018

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Welcome back! We cannot believe it is Term 4 already!


In Reading this term, we will be continuing to develop the children’s ability to decode unknown words and use a variety of comprehension strategies. They will be learning to recognise the text structures and features of persuasive texts and be encouraged to think aloud whilst reading, making connections and asking questions. Throughout the term the children will continue to develop their vocabulary through discussions and be encouraged to retell what they have read in detail, using appropriate vocabulary. The children will also be given the opportunity to revise phrasing, fluency and expression.

The comprehension strategies that we will be focusing on are text structures and features of persuasive texts, summarising/retell and think aloud. As well as these strategies, students will also be given the opportunity to revise phrasing, fluency and expression. There will be a continued focus on comprehending books and being able to retell and answer questions about books read during guided reading.


In Writing, the students will revisit narrative writing, where there will be a continued focus on text structures, punctuation, revising and editing. Students will be encouraged to reread and edit their writing by underlining misspelt words, correcting capital letters and punctuation, and rereading their writing to themselves or a partner. We will also be investigating how we can add greater detail into our writing and exploring ‘sizzling starts’. The students will be introduced to persuasive writing, where they will be encouraged to express their opinions on a range of given topics. There will be a strong focus on spelling and we will continue to explore letter blends and diagraphs, commonly misspelt words and spelling rules. Towards the end of the term, we will introduce transactional writing where students will write a range of letters and an all-important letter to Santa.


This term the Numeracy concepts students will be focusing on are: subtraction, fractions, mass, chance and probability. Numeracy sessions will continue to incorporate explicit instruction and modelling, along with open-ended learning activities to cater for all students. We will also be focusing on problem solving and providing students with multiple strategies on how they can solve a challenging problem such as ‘Draw a Picture’ or ‘Make a Model’.


Our Shared Inquiry is ‘Celebrations’. Students will be discussing their own family celebrations, as well as exploring Indigenous Australian traditions and those from around the world. We will look at how we all celebrate and value different things, however it is important to appreciate and respect all cultures and traditions. Students will be given exciting opportunities to investigate a variety of celebrations from around the globe when we go on our exciting excursion to CERES.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time throughout the term, please contact your child’s teacher and continue to check your emails to be updated through our eNews program.


Kind Regards,

The Year 1 Team


Kylie Missen (1M)
Tania Brown (1Br)
Robyn Law (1L)
Danielle Buttigieg – Team Leader (1B)