Year 2

Welcome everyone to Year 2 - Term Three


Parent Information Session for 2017 (Click Here)


Welcome back to another action packed term in Year 2. We are busy preparing the students for our next big event, the annual, Reading and Writing Together Is Magic evening.  This will be held in Week 6, Thursday 24th August. There are posters around the school informing you of the night and more information will be available as we get closer to the event. The Book Fair will also operate during that week and children will have the opportunity to view the books for sale during their Library sessions.  They can write down the titles of any books they may like to purchase on their ‘wish list’.


In Literacy, our children are very busy writing wonderful poems to share with the audience for Reading and Writing Together Is Magic. They are learning about the different types of poems and the structure of each and also the importance of specific word choice to convey mood and feeling. They are publishing them into a book and will practise reading them aloud to the class in readiness for the night. During the second half of the term, we will be focusing on how to write an Autobiography and an Information Report. The children will be learning how to organise their work into paragraphs.


In Reading, we will continue to develop the children's comprehension skills. They will explore the difference between fact and opinion. The children will discover ways of answering ‘Think and Search’ by gathering information from different parts of the text. They will continue to be encouraged to read ‘Just Right’ books and explore a variety of authors through class serials as well as looking at new book displays in the Library.


In Numeracy, we are exploring multiplication and how it is linked to addition. Strategies will be taught to enable children to calculate 2 digit by 1 digit problems. The times tables will be introduced and we would like the children to learn the 2s, 10s, 5s and 3s. If they are keen, and would like to learn others, then we would be delighted! Other areas this term include telling the time to the quarter hour on both a digital and an analogue clock, reading a calendar, determining, area and money. Revision of work, such as addition and subtraction will also be included.


This term we have two Inquiry focuses. Our initial focus will be on History, with the children investigating what life used to be like in the past and how technology has helped to shape our future. We will be igniting the children’s interest with an excursion to Sovereign Hill at the beginning of week 2. Whilst visiting this recreation of an old gold mining settlement, the children will be able to learn what life used to be like in the past, by exploring the buildings, and artifacts that are there. They will also get the opportunity to step back in time through role play and experience what it would have been like to attend school back in the day. Throughout this unit of inquiry, the children will learn to be historical detectives and how they can find clues to the past.  

The children will then move on to our second inquiry focus which is about Living Things; what they need to survive, how they reproduce and how they have adapted to their environment. The children will visit our local Botanical Gardens where they will be free to fossick in the undergrowth for signs of life and explore the abundance of flora that can be found there. The children will learn to classify living things and develop their own mini research project on a subject area of their choice, which they will later present to their peers.


Homework will be given weekly. Just a reminder that homework becomes compulsory in Term 4. This is to prepare the children for Year 3, where homework is expected to be completed and handed in on time each week.


From the Year 2 Team.