Year 2

Term Four

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Welcome back to the final term! We hope all families enjoyed their break and are refreshed and ready for another busy term.

As always we have lots of exciting and engaging learning experiences planned for this term, with the first one being the ‘Big Night In’ at the end of week 2.

The children have been looking forward to this evening all year, and have been gradually working on the life skills of ‘getting along’, ‘confidence’ and ‘organisation’, which will support them all in making this next big step towards independence.  The evening will commence with the children setting up their beds, followed by dinner, a disco, possum hunting and then a movie in bed! We are sure that the night will be an experience they will treasure forever.

In our Shared Inquiry ‘Becoming a Global Citizen,’ we are going to unpack the definition of values, where our values come from and why we hold those values. We will take a deeper look at the values at Willy North and in the local community and identify the actions that people take that show the values they hold. We will then take a reflective look at our own personal values that we currently hold and the ones we aspire to hold, to play a positive role at home, school and in the community.

In Literacy, the children will be learning about the art of Persuasion. They will be looking at the structure, features and language of Persuasive Texts and will develop their ability to express their point of view, justify their reasons and use emotive language.  Through debating, writing letters or creating posters, the children will be given real life opportunities to develop and practise these skills.

Transactional writing will involve students crafting letters, cards and invitations. This may also include writing to Santa and our buddies.

In Numeracy, the children will be learning about division and the relationship it has with fractions and multiplication. The children will be folding regular shapes such as squares, circles and rectangles into halves, quarters and eighths. Division will include sharing amounts equally. They will be encouraged to make links between multiplication and division with the support of arrays and groups. For example 2x5=10  so  10÷5=2. Throughout the term the children will explore ways they can measure capacity and mass and develop a greater understanding of chance and probability. Children will also be learning how to tell the time and understand the purpose of a calendar and how it works.

For more information on how best to support your child’s learning, don’t forget to check your inbox, and read the fortnightly Year 2 eNews. They are packed with lots of great ideas.

Finally, Homework will continue to be issued weekly. However in preparation for Year 3, the expectation is that homework is now compulsory for Term 4.


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