Year 2

Term One 2019


Welcome back to our existing families and a big warm welcome to our new Year Two families. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead with many rich learning opportunities. Our Year Two Professional Learning Team (PLT) members are Wendy Drayton, Lisa Hibbert, Belinda Witchell, Julie Kelly, Ashleigh Paton, Tammy Voukelatos and Georgina Petty.  Finally, we are also fortunate to have Leading Teacher, Sharon Hunt to support the Year Two team with our Intervention and Extension program.


At the start of the year, the teachers in Year Two are busy getting to know their students.  Our aim is to support all students to reach their full potential.  To achieve this we are currently running our Start Up program in the first couple of weeks, along with a variety of assessments. 

Our Start Up program endeavours to develop a classroom environment that emanates a community that follows our school purpose statement, Williamstown North Primary School is a dynamic and inclusive learning community that aims to promote personal excellence, critical thinking and empowerment’.

Each teacher will also work together with the children to develop classroom routines and common understandings about what is expected of each student, both as a learner and class member. Additionally, group activities will help to build strong relationships between the children. Putting all of this together, these strategies will endeavor to create a happy and safe learning environment for all students.


In Reading this term, students will further develop their understanding of how to select a ‘Just Right’ book from their Classroom Library.  They will develop comprehension strategies, such as visualising, predicting and asking questions.  This will support them to make connections with the text, monitor what they have read and develop their understanding (comprehension) of the text.


In Writing, students will focus on writing recounts and narratives.  Students will focus on language conventions (grammar, word choice, punctuation etc) specific to each of these text types.  In particular, we will be focusing on capital letters at the start of a sentence and for the name of something, full stops, commas, and exclamation marks, words that describe feelings, verbs and compound sentences.  Students will also be involved in regular, explicit teaching of handwriting, exploration of spelling rules and patterns and developing their ability to spell the first 230 words from the Oxford Spelling list.


In Numeracy, students will be developing their understanding of counting, place value, measurement, money and 2D shapes. They will learn how to identify patterns that can assist them when working out problems and will practise counting by different amounts, from any given number. They will also be learning about the value that each digit has in a number and the importance of zero (0). Is it really nothing?


In Shared Inquiry the initial focus will be around ourselves and our family. This links in nicely with getting to know each other. The children will be identifying who they are and what is special about themselves and their classmates. In essence, our first Shared Inquiry titled: ‘Happy Healthy Me’, will provide opportunities for students to discover the qualities of a great mate, how to solve problems and how students can regulate their emotions.


Homework in Year 2 consists of nightly reading, which should be recorded in your child’s Reading Log, Spelling and a short Numeracy, Writing or Shared Inquiry investigation. Homework will be given every Tuesday and students will return their completed homework on the following Monday.


Take Home books will begin in week one of Term One.  Students will receive a selection of books in their Reading satchel that is at an ‘easy’ level, or ‘just right’.  This supports students to independently practise their fluency, comprehension and decoding strategies. 


If you have any queries throughout the term, please contact your child’s teacher by email or a phone call.  We will then arrange a time to meet at everyone’s earliest convenience.  Most of us have heard the old adage: a problem shared is a problem halved, so please contact us if needed. 


From the 2019 Year 2 Team

Wendy Drayton/Lisa Hibbert (Year 2D)

Georgie Petty (Year 2Pe)

Belinda Witchell (Year 2W)

Julie Kelly (Year 2K)

Ashleigh Paton/Tammy Voukelatos (Year 2Pa)