Year 3

Term One 2019


Year 3 – 2019


Welcome to another fantastic year at Williamstown North Primary School. This year, the Year 3 Professional Learning Team (PLT) members are Crystal Gunter, Virginia Irvine, Fran McCormick, Kylie Missen and Bridget Sherrin.

We are looking forward to a most productive and exciting year ahead with lots of rich learning opportunities that will engage and challenge all of our students.


We are all very excited to be moving into a new building for 2019.


To ensure that each child achieves to their full potential, it is important that we get to know them first as individuals. In Term One each classroom teacher will be taking the time to work with every child to assess their learning needs and find out about their different learning styles and interests. Each teacher will also be working together with the children to develop classroom routines and a common understanding about what is expected of each student, both as a learner and class member. Group activities will help to build strong relationships between the students and support a happy and safe learning environment.



Year 3 students will continue to develop and refine their skills as ‘Independent Readers’ of ‘Just Right’ texts. Students will also learn how to evaluate whether a book is at the correct reading level and length, for their ability.

In Reading, we will continue to focus on decoding and comprehension strategies. These include the strategies of Predicting, Questioning and Text Structures and Features.


We ask that you support our Reading program by monitoring the regularity of Independent Reading. Many students who are proficient readers still enjoy being read to, so sharing and discussing a book with your child is a valuable and worthwhile experience. We ask that Reading Log books be signed weekly.



This Term, the Year 3 Writing program will focus on the text types of Narrative and Persuasive text, in preparation for NAPLAN Testing in Term 2. Students will create Narrative texts that are imaginative and creative and provoke an emotional response through the development of character, setting and plot. Students will also be writing arguments to persuade and/or express an opinion about a topic.


All Year 3 students will have a Writer’s Notebook for their Independent writing. The Writer’s Notebook is a place for students to collect observations, ideas, feelings, facts and lists. The Writer’s Notebook is a place to preserve ideas so they will be available for future writing. You can help your child at home by looking for ideas (seeds) to put in your child’s notebook as a stimulus for their writing.



This Term the students will explore place value, counting/patterns and addition. All Numeracy sessions incorporate explicit instruction and modelling of strategies/concepts, along with open-ended activities to cater for a range of abilities. Students are supported to develop and select their own strategies for problem solving, using a range of materials.


We are extremely fortunate to have the expertise of Crissy Samaras working in the Year 3 level to support our Intervention and Extension program. In our endeavour to best cater to all students’ abilities, there may be times when your child works with teachers other than their classroom teacher during Reading, Writing and/or Numeracy.


Shared Inquiry

The focus of our Shared Inquiry this Term is ‘Team Building’ and ‘Critical and Creative Thinking.



In line with the school’s Homework Policy, homework is considered compulsory for all Year 3 students. Your child will receive weekly activities which reinforce the learning that is taking place in the classroom. The expectation is that this will take students approximately 30 minutes per week to complete independently.


Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.


Kind regards,

Year 3 Teachers