Year 3

Welcome Back to Term Two

Year 3 – 2018

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Welcome to Term 2, it’s great to see everyone so refreshed and ready for an action packed Term ahead!



In Reading, we will continue to focus on decoding and comprehension strategies. These will be, questioning (Inferring), summarising – determining the importance and cause and effect. We will be investigating the text structures and features of Persuasive Texts, focusing on fact and opinion and identifying point of view.

Students will be encouraged to continue developing their reading fluency and focus on phrasing, expression and comprehension.

Please support our Literacy program by ensuring that your child reads at home every night. We have introduced the Wushka Reading Program for both ‘Just Right Reading’ and ‘Guided Reading’. It is important to ask your child to share information and opinions and ask questions about their personal reading. Many children who are proficient readers still enjoy being read to, so sharing and discussing a novel or non-fiction text with your child is a very worthwhile activity.


For the first four weeks of this Term, the Year 3 Writing program will focus on revisiting the text types of Narrative and Persuasive text, in preparation for NAPLAN testing in Week 5.

Students will create Narrative texts that are imaginative and creative and provoke an emotional response through the development of character, setting and plot. Students will also be writing arguments to persuade and/or express an opinion about a topic.

After NAPLAN testing, the children will be looking at writing Poetry.

In addition to this, there will be a focus on text structures, punctuation, grammar and spelling. Children will continue to explore the use of their ‘Writer’s Notebook’, where they can record their thinking, discoveries, observations and stories. There will be a continued focus on handwriting. Students will be encouraged to ensure they are starting and finishing their letters in the correct places to begin learning how to join different letters together.



This term the students will explore place value, addition, subtraction, money, 3D shapes, angles and time. All Numeracy sessions incorporate explicit teacher instruction and modelling of strategies/concepts, along with open-ended activities, to cater for a range of abilities. Students will be supported to develop and select their own strategies for problem solving, using a range of materials.

We are extremely fortunate to continue having the expertise of Crissy Samaras working in the Year 3 level to support our Intervention and Extension program. In our endeavour to best cater to all students’ abilities, there may be times when your child works with teachers other than their classroom teacher during Reading, Writing and/or Numeracy.


Shared Inquiry

The focus of our Shared Inquiry this term we will be looking at Design & Technologies with a focus on ‘Technologies and Society, Creating Designed Solutions andTechnologies Context’. We have created a fun and exciting unit of work called ‘Can We Build It’.

In this unit students will explore technology of buildings, particularly houses and other homes. Wherever possible, encourage children to relate their activities and learnings to real-life situations.

This unit will ask children to consider planning factors and constraints such as climate, the components of built structures from foundations to roofs, related systems, such as services and features such as interiors and gardens.  



In line with the school’s Homework Policy, Homework is compulsory for all Year 3 students. Your child will receive a term overview with weekly activities, which reinforces the learning that is taking place in the classroom. The expectation is that this will take students approximately 30 minutes per week to complete independently. Please note, these tasks are in addition to nightly reading which is to be recorded in your child’s Reading Log.



Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.


Kind regards,

Year 3 Teachers


Crystal Gunter                          

Virginia Irvine    

Fran McCormick

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