Year 6

Term Four

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TEXT STUDY- Students will be reading the text ‘Crow Country’ in class where they will be investigating and responding to themes such as racial prejudice and understanding racism, value of community, connection to country.

LITERATURE CIRCLES: Using a shared text, students participate in, and contribute to discussions in a small group setting.  They share and evaluate information about their text and offer their ideas and opinions.


TEXT RESPONSE ESSAYS:  Structuring an essay that is a response to a rich visual or written text. Selecting evidence from the text to explain their response. Using an essay structure including introduction, body and conclusion. Using direct quotations as evidence.

SUMMARISING:  Use text structures of initial and concluding paragraphs and elaborating sentences to create succinct summaries of information. 

WRITTEN BIOGRAPHY: To complement our class novel ‘Crow Country’ written by Kate Constable Year 6 students will be learning how to appropriately construct a written biography. Students will follow directed steps to plan, research, draft and publish a biography that grabs the attention of the reader.

LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS:  Comprehensive revision of essential language conventions: comma rules, colon/semi colon, adverbs, homographs & homonyms, possessive apostrophes, proper nouns, collective nouns, types of clauses, synonyms/antonyms.

SPEAKING & LISTENING: Plan, rehearse and deliver a presentation to an audience on small businesses that have gone global. Students will learn to support the presentation with multimodal elements such as slides, videos, animations. Consideration of voice volume, pitch, pace and tone will also be worked into the presentation.


HEALTH: Students identify the likely physical, emotional and social changes that occur during puberty. They explore both resources and strategies to maintain their own personal health and safety. They also analyse food choices and nutrition in differing global communities.

DESIGN AND CREATIVITY/CASHTIVITY: Individually and in small teams, students develop creative and useful products that they market and sell in their school community. They explore ideas and concepts about design, materials/ingredients and systems, and consider how these can be combined in innovative ways to create solutions.



ALGEBRA:  Investigating the basics of Algebra such as looking at the rules and patterns in number sequences. Also, looking at the use of variables in basic equations. E.g.  2n + 16 = 30,  n  = 7

NUMBER PROPERTIES: Identify and describe properties of prime, composite, square and triangular numbers.

PROBABILITY: Conduct chance experiments and compare what the probability should be in theory vs practice.  Describe the probability of an event using percentages, fractions and decimals.

They specify, list and communicate probabilities of events using simple ratios, fractions, decimals and percentages.


Year 6 Team

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